Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions

Step 1:

Fit a horizontal (short) brace onto the vertical member of one frame, resting directly onto the alloy casting at the first horizontal rung position. Ensure that the sprung trigger face is outside of the tower.

Step 2:

Join the second base frame to first ensure the brace hook again rests directly onto alloy casting. Fit the second horizontal brace in the corresponding position. Level around the base of the tower by moving a spirit level, in sequence, around the 3-starred () positions making adjustments as necessary.

Step 3:

Fit the first diagonal brace from the first to third rung as close to the vertical member upright tube as possible. Fit the Second diagonal brace on the other side of the tower in the opposite direction.


Step 4:

Locate the temporary platform on the second rung of the tower and install the second lift of frames, ensuring ladder line up. The wind lock device will automatically engage and continue diagonal braces as a zig-zag.

Step 5:

Continue with steps 3 & 4 until the height is required. Attach one stabilizer to each corner of the tower and each brace and assemble guardrails and platform.