About Company

Our motto is to open gateways for customers to reach targets…..

Bano Scaffolding started in 2002, bringing in high level of proficiency and reliability in Aluminum scaffolding, Equipment rental, Equipment trading and services. Since then we have been pioneering with special emphasis on executing critical projects within time bound schedules.

Bano Aluminum Scaffolding has been successful in executing challenging and outstanding performance far beyond the expectations of our clients because our Quality & services is better than the others in local markets.

Bano Aluminum Scaffolding specializes in the manufacture of aluminum scaffolding and tower access scaffolds. Our scaffolding range offers simplicity, durability, mobility giving you the versatility to relocate or adjust to suit most applications.

Painters, builders, maintenance, farmers, gardeners and home handyman are increasingly purchasing our budget price aluminum scaffolding systems. They provide as safe, temporary work platform that meets all requirements for the new occupational health and safety regulations.

We offer a variety of solutions that include lightweight aluminum mobile scaffolds, Aluminum Narrow Scaffolds and aluminum access towers.

Safety is very important to us and having the right tool for your job is important to you. Bano Aluminum Scaffolding Systems are one of the safest and strongest access solutions available. They suit a range of applications and industries, will provide better work place safety, and increase productivity.

Bano Aluminum Scaffolding have a strong reputation throughout the world for producing innovative scaffolding for customers in all types of industries. Our range of scaffolding includes fully welded frames, steel locking pins and heavy gauge aluminum components, giving you the reliability you expect from a high quality scaffolding system.